Sunday, February 15, 2009

Random stuff

Sammy now has his permit. He passed with flying colors. I asked him if he wanted to drive home and he said no. He has had his permit for 4 days now and not once has he wanted to go out and drive. He is so much like me. I did the exact same thing. I was terrified to drive at first. Once I started though I was never home.

I also want to brag about my daughters boyfriend Seth. He had the most beautiful flowers sent to the house for her on Valentines Day. After the flowers were delivered to Kelsey Mike asked her if it was Valentines Day. Duh! So my gift was a quick trip to the dollar store to find something that represented love. My husband is just not very romantic. Hope everyone elses husbands did better than mine. LOL.

Last night a dear friend of mine was the witness speaker at the EDWE emmaus gathering. She did a fantastic job and really opened my eyes about something I have been struggling with. That is the fact that God does not give up on people. I may want to after so many years of being frustrated with someone but isn't it wonderful to know that God NEVER does. Whenever we are ready HE will be there waiting with open arms. If a situation with a loved one is not going the way we want it to we also have to Let go and Let God. That is hard to do for someone who is a control freak and trying to always fix everything. God is the only one who can truly change us.

I also want to give a shout out (or shoot out as Amy would say) to Brandon Heith Beard. Today is his birthday. He is an awesome kid that I adore so I pray that he has a wonderful day. I love you "bubbles".

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  1. hey- first of all love the twa- (ha I know that aint right) but is that how your bed spread is? LOVE IT!!

    Second- CONGRATS to SAM--- you go Sam! I know it wont be long and your mom will be saying I WISH HE WOULD STAY HOME!! :)

    AWE for Kelsey- maybe Seth can teach the boys something :) love ya Mike

    and last but not least DONT MAKE FUN OF ME!!! HAHAH I deserve it I know that was dickliss (Carters way of saying rediculos sp?-- 3-4 years ago--anyways I have TRB disease anymore) I know you can figure that out Kris

    MORE IMPORTANTLY!!!!! Glad you FINALLY realized God does not give up on us- no way no how!!! I wanna hear all about it was great and I am glad you came to realize that. KEEP THE FAITH GIRLFRIEND- something has to break sooner or ya ! AMY