Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Love Dare

A few weeks ago we all watched this movie called Fireproof together. It stars Kirk Cameron from Growing Pains (he's still a cutie by the way). It is a christian movie about a struggling marriage. They are getting ready to get a divorce when Kirk's father tells him he needs to read this book called Love Dare before giving up. The book is AMAZING!! As with any marriage me and Mike were having our challenges. We started reading this book (and actually taking the dares) and it really works! I highly recommend this book and the movie. I am starting to fall in love with Mike all over again.

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  1. so happy for you Kris!!! IT IS AWESOME! NOW I need to dust off my Love Dare Book that is sitting right next to my bed and Jason and I need to get busy!! (Well get busy reading that is HA HA :) love ya! AMY Thanks again for letting me watch that movie- {one of my fav so far} Nick and Leah watched it last night. I need to just buy it.