Saturday, March 21, 2009


We had so much fun tonight. Me, Kelsey, Tara and Jamie (Peaches) went shopping in Louisville for Kelsey's prom dress. Kelsey's energy level is still not the greatest but at least she was out of the house. She tried on about 8 dresses and they all fit. They all looked fantastic on her. Some were eliminated on the fact that they were just to difficult to deal with as far as strings and stuff like that. We were at the store for probably a total of one hour and that includes buying the shoes too. I hate to shop so I was more than pleased with that time frame.

We then went down to the river walk. We took a horse drawn carriage ride with a dog named Rex. Then we went to Joe's crab shack. That place is so cool. We didn't eat there since it would take 1 1/2 hours to be seated. We went inside to look around though. Me and Kelsey bought tshirts and I bought a cup coozie for Mike and his beloved beer. We then stopped at Game Stop because Sam's Xbox stopped working. I bought him a new one since I would have to pay almost as much to have it fixed. Again. Tara being the wonderful aunt she is bought him a new game to go with it.

We had fun last night too. I had already received copies as of last week of the movie Twilight but I decided I could use a few more copies. So me and the kids decided to be at Walmart at midnight when they went on sale. Kelsey's boyfriend Seth went with us and we picked Jamie up when we arrived in Jasper. We were all just acting like goofballs.

I know I needed a weekend like this and I know Kelsey did too. I talked to her dr. on Friday and he said that because of her being sick and having an infection it would just take a while for her body to fight it. She is immunosuppressed so it takes longer for her to recover from being sick. He said the best thing for her to do is take it easy and not do to much until she is better.


  1. uh Kris forget something? Headlights??? :)

    Glad Kelsey is feeling better- cant wait to see the black and white prom dress!!!!

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot when we went to Walmart for the Twilight movie I was pulled over by a cop for having a headlight out. Typical Sam was in the backseat singing the theme song from cops. Thanks for remembering my life better than I do Amy ;)